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St Nick’s GAA Bristol was registered in 1979 as a Gaelic Football, Hurling & Camoige Club. Since then, the club has seen many changes on and off the field, have a look at our Club History Page to gain a good understanding of the years gone by. We currently field a mens first team in the Gloucestershire League and Senior Championship. Its been a typical scenario for St Nicks to field a single mens team in Gloucestershire. However Its our aim to develop our mens team further and have a 2nd team in time. There is plenty of evidence we are getting closer to this as we have seen our player memberships jump in recent years. Its also our aim to develop a nursery and underage section for girls and boys in our club, so we can promote, and provide Gaelic Games in Bristol and Further afield, and in turn have a strong number of teams throughout the club. We understand this will take time, however we will feel as a club the potential in Bristol is up there with other thriving cities outside of London such as Manchester, Liverpool, Birmingham and Edinburgh.

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ST Nicks GAA Bristol Role of Honour

Senior Hurling Championship:

1984 (Winners)
1985 (Winners)
1986 (Winners)
1987 (Winners)
1988 (Winners)
1989 (Winners)
1990 (Winners)
1991 (Winners)
1992 (Winners)
1993 (Winners)

Senior Camogie Championship:

1985 (Winners)
1987 (Winners)
1988 (Winners)
1989 (Winners)
1990 (Winners)
1991 (Winners)
1995 (Winners)
1996 (Winners)
1998 (Winners)

Senior Football League:

2001 (2nd)
2002 (2nd)
2003 (2nd)
2004 (2nd)
2005 (Winners)
2006 (2nd)
2007 (2nd)
2008 (Winners)
2009 (Winners)
2010 (2nd)
2013 (Winners)
2015 (2nd)

Senior Football Championship:

2001 (Runners Up)
2002 (Runners Up)
2003 (Runners Up)
2004 (Runners Up)
2005 (Runners Up)
2006 (Runners Up)
2007 (Runners Up)
2008 (Runners Up)
2009 (Runners Up)
2010 (Runners Up)
2011 (Winners)
2012 (Runners Up)
2013 (Winners)
2014 (Runners Up)
2016 (Runners Up)
2017 (Winners)