Join St Nicks GAA Bristol’s 6 Nations Rugby Fantasy League 2018

St Nicks GAA Bristol, 6 Nations Rugby Fantasy League 2018 
Image Link: ST Nicks GAA Fantasy 6 nations Rugby 2018
With the 6 nations only 5 days away, why not join the St Nicks GAA Bristol 6 Nations Fantasy League Rugby competition. Its only £10 to enter and the winning kitty will be very generous judging by the popularity of the same competition in 2017.  Please follow the instructions below to enter!

How To Play:

Simply click the link  ESPN 6 Nations Fantasy League Rugby . Sign up to the competition by creating a User name and Password or using your Facebook. Pickyour team then join the st nicks league. The pin for the league is 1371150-58651.

£10 entry to be transferred to the club account, please contact us through the website for payment details. (this can be done after you pick your team and join the league)

When transferring £10 entry to account Please Reference ‘your name’ rugby

Prize money will be dictated by the number on entries so make sure everyone joins and if possible get some of your rich friends, family and colleagues in too!!